Book Testimonials

Ashley Harris,


“Simply Redeemed has been such a blessing to me. It allowed me to disconnect from this chaotic world and get intimate with God. The bible studies were right on point; guided by scriptures that are now hidden in my heart. The sisterly gatherings helped me to be more transparent with God but also with others. Simply Redeemed is more than just a movement, it's a life changing experience.”

Tawana Ross,


“As a woman, as a mother, as someone who wears many hats and has many roles, 'Simply Redeemed' allowed me to take a pause for some quality me time.  It was like having a Spa Day, where I received pampering for my soul.  A transparent and true honest look at ‘me’ and things that were buried so deep that they could have went unnoticed.  I obtained answers to the hard questions I never asked myself, but needed to.  This study was similar to a one on one spiritual counseling session between me and God, where I was safe to reveal and release so much of my truth and be renewed.”


Robin Azemar-Brown,


“Simply Redeemed is truly a devotional guided by the Holy Spirit.  Jessica Jemmott was led by Him EVERY STEP of the way.  It changed my life and reignited a flame in my heart.  As a result, my relationship with God has grown.  I have fallen so much deeper in love with Him than I had ever before.  If I had to sum up this book in three words they would be: Growth, Love, and Increase.”  

Arlene Goden,


“Simply Redeemed Bible Study has helped me to strengthen my faith with the lord. This experience has changed my life in more ways than I could ever explain. I am finally establishing the long overdue and much needed relationship with Him.”

Isa Woodbridge,


“Since joining the Simply Redeemed Bible Study, my outlook on life has changed. I have a better sense of self and my faith and belief in God continues to grow through prayer and through scripture. -PSALM 23”

Chantée Adams,     


“Simply Redeemed is an answer to prayer! The intimate connection I have to the study is spiritually felt. Every word written on the pages addressed things I had prayed for a year prior to receiving the lessons.”

Karyn Perkins,


“Being a part of the Simply Redeemed Bible Study is beyond amazing. The Lord, through this study continues to remind me that he too is on life’s journey with all of us. This Bible study and devotional has allowed a group of women to fellowship and share and witness to each other how God continues to reveal himself to us and do phenomenal things in our lives. I cannot think of a more opportune time to cater to your spiritual curiosity and join the movement~ for we are all loved and SIMPLY REDEEMED”

Audry Tonie Jones,


“TRANSPARENCY IS KEY!”  Healing is derived from the truth”


Georggetta Howie,

“I am in awe of the focus, discipline, and validation I received from being a part of the Simply Redeemed 6-week bible study and instruction.  Each week I reflected and experienced growth in my understanding of who God is and his role in my life. It gave me a renewal in my faith and surpassed my expectation. It placed me in a spirit of gratitude because I was able to reflect over how God has been there every step of the way.  It was simple yet satisfying.  I am forever grateful for Jessica and this experience.”