"Without Any question we have been transformed from something that was unpleasant in God's sight, and now we are made acceptable unto Him.  we were once enslaved to sin but  have been "bought back" with a price on the cross - purchased by LOVE!  (Thank You Jesus!)"

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Jessica is an alumna of Liberty University. Having received both a BS in Psychology/Sociology and a MA in Professional Counseling, her desire is to promote psychological, physical, and spiritual health and awareness amongst adolescents, women, and men.

17 years ago, Jessica received a vision from the Lord to create a multifaceted community cafe and life center "The Lamp". Her desire is to create an atmosphere for the community that provides services for the needs and desires of ALL who enter the doors, a space for refuge from crisis and the happenings of daily life.  A pay-what-you-can community cafe and life center that increases food security, provides various therapies, as well as expressive and cultural arts while meeting needs holistically - body/mind/spirit; to promote a healthy and safe environment for the indivdidual and in the community, while encouraging unity amongst  cultural divides.

The Lamp's mission is "to be a light unto the path of every individual while building community through holistic wellness, one step at a time. 

 As she continues to work towards the growth of The Lamp, Jessica also ministers alongside her husband David with Loudoun Bible Church, Ashburn VA.

Whether through counseling, joy of cooking/baking, expressive arts, sharing thoughts and experiences through written form, and/or ministry, everything that the Lord equips Jessica with to engage with others starts and ends with LOVE; through the expression of the Love of Christ.

"Wife, Mother (of 3), Worshiper, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Counselor, Sister, Friend, Daughter, Lover, Fighter, Visionary, Prayer Warrior, Author... WOMAN: whatever the title on whatever day, I am totally loving the woman that I am! As I stand under the covering of the Lord and alongside my husband, I am gaining confidence in the full acceptance of me! No longer the people pleaser I once was, no longer seeking acceptance of others, no longer in bondage of the perceptions of others. My identity is in Him, who has created me as I am...His prized possession." #iamredeemed